Vision Board

Creating a vision board can be a great way to “see” what your year looks like.   Many times our plans and intentions get derailed, but if we have a visual representation of what our business can look like this year, then we can stay on track.  This course...

Understanding Hashtags

This training course will teach you all about hashtags – what they are and how to use them to grow your creative business!

Holiday Art Sales Lab

Welcome to the Holiday Art Sales Lab! This is an 8-week program designed to help launch and promote a holiday sales shop for your artwork!  As a member of Art Marketing Masters, you are eligible to participate in the program at NO extra fee!  The idea is to get you on...

Instagram for Artists

Welcome to Instagram for Artists!  This is an eCourse on how to create your art-branded account on Instagram.  We cover some in-depth how-tos, as well as best practices.  Additionally, we share some of the best tools you can use to create, manage and schedule content...

Artist Website Academy

Welcome to the Artist Website Academy. The academy is open to all members of Art Marketing Masters. However, to join you will need to purchase our setup.  The setup basically takes care of hosting (one year), software installation, configuration, and core page setup...

Build a Successful Art Business

Our goal is to help you build a business online around your passion, so you can have the freedom to do what you love! 

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